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Why You Should Care About Controlling Mosquitoes

It’s unfortunate, but mosquitoes aren’t only an annoying pest – they also spread many dreaded and deadly diseases as well. For this reason alone, they are frequently listed as one of the most dangerous pests on Earth, which is why controlling mosquitoes in Atlanta is of the utmost importance to us at Mr. Mister.

You may be surprised to learn this, however, despite the fact that they aren’t large intimidating predators, mosquitoes remain alongside the world’s deadliest creatures for their resistance to extremes in temperature and their innate ability to spread disease.

Here are a few reasons (which have been scientifically proven) why controlling mosquitoes in Atlanta is so important for our health and the health of our loved ones. Read on for all you need to know about mosquitoes – and controlling them!

Mosquitoes spread a range of dangerous and deadly diseases

Mosquitoes carry a wide range of communicable illnesses caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses. No wonder they’re unpopular!

Mosquito-borne illnesses include West Nile virus, yellow fever, elephantiasis, Zika virus, dengue fever, and malaria- however, they can carry practically any communicable disease that is small enough to be passed through their needle-sized proboscis.

Though, the majority of mosquito species do not solely target humans. In fact, just a few. Rather, the majority of mosquito species just take the opportunity. Even then, only 6% of the over 3,000 mosquito species actually feed on humans.

Mosquitoes are extremely mobile

These minuscule pests can travel without any regard for national barriers, borders, and geographic locations. They have a full range of free travel!

Mosquitoes have the ability to migrate if they don’t find enough food sources, and they also have the ability to breed almost as rapidly as they move.

Mosquitoes broaden the range of a parasite or virus

Many infectious viruses and parasites use their host as a conduit for finding their next victims. However, no animal offers better exposure to diseases than the mosquito.

With their combined abilities of durability and resilience, low visibility, and flight, mosquitoes are almost like a high-speed railway transit system that is carrying and therefore spreading disease.

Mosquitoes play favorites

Because these pests have been shown to select their prey primarily by scent, some people are considered more attractive targets to mosquitoes than others.

This may be seen as good news for those to who mosquitoes are less attracted, but for those who live in areas known for rampant infectious disease- being a favorite among mosquitoes puts a person at extreme risk for contracting all the deadly diseases mosquitoes can carry.

What are mosquitoes’ main senses?

In simple terms, mosquitoes smell or have olfactory. Olfaction is basically having a sense of smell. Mosquitoes smell through their multiple olfactory organs. These organs stick out of the body of the mosquito and are used as humans use their noses. These organs include mosquitoes’ antennas, mouths, and claws. These antennas are coated with little hair-like bristles that give off the senses. When the olfactory organs find a smell, they transmit the finding to the brain through the antennal lobe. The antennal lobe obtains this notification or glomerulus. The glomerulus are clumps of brain cell ends that connect the axons  (the arms of the olfactory sensory neurons). Therefore, mosquitoes are able to decipher important scents.

How do mosquitoes find you?

When females search for their blood meals, there is one main scent their olfactory searches for: lactic acid. Lactic acid is usually produced in the human body when sweating. Therefore, it seems that humans with stronger or higher amounts of lactic acid more often attract mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to the carbon dioxide human bodies give off. They can detect the carbon dioxide thanks to their cpA neurons, which are nerve cells. Mosquitoes can also decipher body perspiration and body heat. These nerve cells are able to detect when animals and humans blow air.

There has also been some research finding that mosquitoes are more attracted to darker-colored clothes.

Mosquitoes are mostly a threat to children

Unfortunately, children are frequently seen as the preferred targets for mosquitoes.

Presumably, this is due to a child’s lower level of toxicity and lesser body odor, which makes them substantially more attractive to mosquitoes. Sadly, this also means children are more at risk of contracting mosquito-borne diseases than adults. Thus, to protect vulnerable children and older adults, we must control mosquito populations.

Mosquitoes are extremely difficult to get rid of

Capable of living virtually anywhere humans can, mosquitoes only require a small amount of water to be able to breed, and they can even live dormant for long periods of time in cold weather.

Mosquitoes are also able to spawn very rapidly and are surprisingly resilient to extreme temperatures. Mosquitoes are even able to adapt to winter weather and Immediately start laying eggs once the weather is in the 70s for at least two days. Controlling mosquitoes in Atlanta is all we do.

Illustration showing the life cycle of a mosquito

Mosquito life cycle

The mosquito life cycle can take as little as four days. Here we will give a little background on the life cycle of a mosquito. Generally, all breeds of mosquitoes follow a similar lifecycle. However, let’s focus on the Aedes aegypti breed. When first breeding, Aedes females lay their eggs inside containers filled with still water. The females lay approximately 100 eggs, which stick well to the walls of the water-filled object. The eggs do not even need that much water, so even the smallest amount of still water will attract female mosquitoes. The eggs can withstand drying for approximately eight months, even through winter periods. Eggs and larvae can be found in cups, bowls, vases, pots, tires, and barrels. Mosquitoes eleven lay eggs on tires attached to cars. Yes, they can be little hitchhikers ready for adventure until it is time to hatch or until it rains! For many species, the eggs, when laid, form a raft-like shape by attaching to one another.

The eggs become Aedes aegypti larvae after the water rises above the eggs. Therefore, rainfall or even just filling a container with water can activate the emergence of larvae from the eggs. Many times people may unknowingly trigger the arrival of mosquito larvae. After shedding three times, the larvae turn into pupae.

Pupae are basically the in-between stage of larvae and adult mosquitoes. This stage is similar to when caterpillars are in a cocoon growing into butterflies. The pupae do not yet feed but just rest. They are able to move and flip and respond to light, which is one of the main differences between being a mosquito larva and a mosquito pupa. Once ready, the adult mosquito will grow out of the young pupa’s skin.

Once the adult mosquitoes arise, they must first rest at the top of the water to dry off so their body can harden. Their body must dry, so their wings can spread out and dry in order for them to be able to fly. Almost immediately after, the mosquitoes start feeding and searching for places to lay eggs. Aedes aegypti prefer to feed on humans (unlike other mosquito species that prefer animals) and therefore tend to stay and live near humans. This species of mosquito also do not fly far throughout their life, but merely just a few blocks. These mosquitoes are often found in homes or businesses that may have a window or door open.

Mosquito Lifespan

So how long do mosquitoes tend to live? Females outlive the male mosquitoes by a landslide. While male mosquitoes live approximately 10 days, female mosquitoes can live around 42 to 56 days. This is so the females have time to mate, lay their eggs, and consume their blood meals.

Male mosquitoes do have their moment to shine when mating with the females. The mating lasts approximately 15 seconds, while the males grab onto the females with their pincers, called claspers.​​ Female mosquitoes only mate once because once they get the sperm from the male mosquitoes, they carry the sperm with them for the rest of their life.

What are the most effective ways of controlling mosquitoes?

Need some effective ways for controlling mosquitoes? Read on!

Remove Mosquito Habitats

What are prime vacation and settlement spots for mosquitos to inhabit, you may ask? Water!! Moisture! A perfect vacation is a trip to the natural sauna called bird baths, water-filled vases, or flower pots. A nice and cozy hiding spot is found in tall grass, weeds, and clumps of moist leaf piles, grass clippings, and debris. If you cannot see the mosquitoes, they are most likely hiding there, so watch out. They are still ready for a bite. Though female mosquitoes are the only ones that actually suck blood in order to have enough nutrients for their eggs. Since male mosquitoes do not lay eggs, they do not need to suck any blood. Hence, keep your grass and weeds trimmed and continually empty any sedentary water.

By lessening the foliage on your land, mosquitoes will not be as attracted to the location. Mr. Mister will help with the rest by providing the proper mosquito repellant on the leftover foliage and grass to keep away all types of mosquitoes.

Use Structural Barriers

Putting up structural barriers helps keep mosquitoes away from unwanted areas. Popular and effective structural barriers include covering gaps or holes in walls, screens, doors, and windows. Adding door and window screens allows you to still enjoy a beautiful outdoor breeze, while keeping the mosquitoes from entering. Installing doggy doors also allows your animals to travel in and out of the house without leaving the doors open for unwanted mosquito guests.

Control Larvae And Adult Mosquitoes

Do not let the mosquito population grow on your property! Control the population from the start before mosquitos even have the opportunity to lay eggs that produce larvae. Let us show the mosquitos who are in charge around here with these tactics!

  • Destroy readily available mosquito breeding areas by getting rid of still water.
    • Empty out bird baths, vases, and flower pots twice every week.
    • After storms, clear out any objects that may have been filled with water. This includes buckets and tires.
  • Use a fan! Mosquitos are not the best at flying, so they will be less likely to circle or get near you or your loved ones with a constant wind flow.
  • Clean your gutters to prevent moist and wet areas where mosquitoes can breed.
  • Mow your lawn so there are no weeds for mosquitoes to relax and land on.
  • Do not overwater your lawn!
  • Get rid of possible mosquito foods in the area to the best of your ability.
    • So yes, FEMALE mosquitoes feed on blood, but their baby larvae feed on other options. Male mosquitoes feed on plants and nectar, similar to other insects and bugs. Once laid, eggs can take from a few days to a few months to hatch, depending on the species of mosquito. The eggs are very resilient and can last an extended period of time. Once the eggs hatch into larvae, they crave and eat microorganisms and organic matter found in the water they inhabit.
  • Call local professionals, such as Mr. Mister, to ensure all the necessary steps are being taken to protect against and control the mosquito population.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of High-Quality Pest Control

Having experienced and reliable pest control is essential to keep away pests for extensive periods of time in the most cost-effective and timely manner. There are many viable and safe mosquito pest control options, which include: Mr. Mister ClearZone™ and mosquito traps.

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