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Prepare for Spring Mosquitoes

The time to prepare for spring is now, to be truthful. Many people wait until spring to prepare for spring mosquitoes. They imagine they can wait for the first mosquitoes to arrive before taking steps to protect themselves. But the extensive research on global warming should give warning that mosquitoes are going to arrive increasingly early in the year.

The mosquito season is going to come earlier and earlier. We should do all we can to protect ourselves, our young ones and our pets from the ravages of these insects that carry so many diseases.

Mosquito Training 101: Clean Out Your Yard

You have likely read this many times, yet it’s amazing how many people do not do this! Mosquitoes thrive in still, stagnant water that lies outside over fall, into winter and onto spring. Rid your yard of it! Don’t just throw the water out into your yard, but take it outside and dispense with it into a culvert – or if suitable, into your sink. You have to remove the contents of that water which may not be visible to you. It could contain mosquito eggs that will hatch come spring. So transfer any standing water in your yard to an external drain or culvert if you can.

Check out your fountain, pond or plant pots and bowls. Clean them out, because they can hold water over the fall and winter. Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in the fall, ready to hatch come the first warm day of 50 degrees or over. These days are coming earlier due to global warming. So now is the time to prepare for spring mosquitoes.

Check out Your Home

Most people ignore their home when they consider mosquito control systems. What about under your kitchen sink; has that island unit in your kitchen been cleaned out; have you checked out your basement. The basement is a part of your home that can be home to mosquitoes. They try to hide from you, and what better place than somewhere you rarely visit – particularly if is a bit damp, dark and invitingly warm.

Sheds and Garages

Sheds and garages can be ideal homes for mosquitoes over winter, particularly if a bit damp. A mosquito can breed a whole raft of youngsters in one teaspoonful of water. One dark, wet corner is all it takes. So get the lights on, get a powerful torch, and check out all the corners and roof areas of a garage and shed to make sure there are no pools of water – even teaspoonful size!

Domestic mosquito control systems are designed to do just that: control mosquitoes. They may not prevent them from entering your yard, or even invading your home, but they can reduce the chances of this happening. Before installing them it’s important that you do all you can to check out your yard and home, including any garages, sheds or other outbuildings. Your pool, with that covering you put over it after summer, could be home to thousands of mosquito eggs and larvae. You will never know unless you remove the cover and look!

Get a professional mosquito control technician to check over your pool, pond, sheds and your entire yard. Do this sometime between early and late winter. Don’t wait for spring to prepare for spring mosquitoes, because they may awake, hatch, and change from larvae to adults before then—particularly with the effect of global warming. Just 1 degree can make the difference between no mosquitoes and thousands. That’s a fact! We can do this for you.


It is easy to decide to wait for later. Many people ignore mosquitoes until their first bite and then try to take evasive action. Then they call in the professionals, such as Mr. Mister. We would rather prepare for spring mosquitoes now to prevent such attacks, rather than deal with a live infestation later in the season. Global warming is making the problem worse, so react to that and take action sooner. Take preventative action now.

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