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Where Do They Go In The Day and At Night?

Where do mosquitoes go in the day, and where do they go at night? Mosquitoes become active when the temperature reaches 50 degrees F. However, because of their physiology and anatomy, they can also become very dehydrated if the temperature is too high. That’s why you will rarely see mosquitoes at high noon! So where do they go?

Most mosquitoes remain active during the night. Their day tends to start at dawn and they tend to head for shelter late morning until late afternoon. They are most active at dusk, and can remain active throughout the night. The Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes aegypti) which is common in Atlanta will tend to bite you from dawn until mid day, while the common house mosquito (Culex pipiens) tends to wait until dusk and into the early part of the night. So where do mosquitoes go in the day when they are not active? Here are some answers.

Where Do Mosquitoes Go In the Day?

So where do mosquitoes go in daytime and at night when they are not biting you? That information could give you a good clue as to where to attack them when they are most vulnerable! The answer to both questions is generally the same. It doesn’t matter when your mosquitoes are active, when you cannot see them they are likely hiding in the long grass or shrubbery and the underside of leaves. They hide there for safety and to keep them out of the dehydrating heat of the hot summer sun.

One major problem could occur if you allow mosquitoes to enter your home. They can hide in dark cupboards and in basements, particularly if they are damp. It is not unknown for mosquitoes to breed in basements that are fitted with sump pumps that do not effectively remove all the water in the sump. This offers an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes: a dark, damp environment with standing water suitable for breeding. In such cases you can be bitten all day round.

Why Professional Mosquito Control is Effective

The reason for professional mosquito control specialists being so effective in solving your problem is that they not only understand the insect’s habits but also their preferred habitats. Most people tend to ignore or even be unaware of the obscure areas of their yard where mosquitoes breed and rest at night.

It takes professional knowledge of the habits of these insects to be able to deal with them effectively. Mr. Mister knows the enemy! Our mosquito control systems are designed to tackle mosquitoes where they breed and where they rest. Not just some of those places, but all of them!

We carry out a complete survey of your home, identify where the insects tend to go in the day and at night when they are not active and where they can breed, and then we tackle them there! Those without our expert knowledge don’t have the insider knowhow of where mosquitoes go in the day when they are cooling down and resting, and where they are most likely to be found at night during all seasons of the year. Here at Mr. Mister, we know all this and are much more effective at controlling and removing mosquitoes from your home because of it!

Mosquito Control by Day and by Night

By knowing where mosquitoes go at night and hide during the day, you will have the information necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your mosquito control measures. Controlling mosquitoes involves a good knowledge of their habits and habitats, and Mr. Mister mosquito control staff has that knowledge.

By clearing the deep grass within your yard, and cutting back on the foliage, you can render your property less attractive to mosquitoes of any species. An automated mosquito misting system will cover the foliage in your yard or garden with a fine mist of insecticide deadly to these insects. Such systems create a barrier around your property that is toxic to flying insects such as mosquitoes, but not to humans or pets.

The fine mist that lands on the foliage in your yard will get mosquitoes both when active, and when they return to their mid-day or nighttime resting places. A judiciously timed misting can also catch them when they awake and start to get active. By treating and spraying your long grass and deep into the foliage in your backyard or front garden, you will go a long way to resolving your mosquito problem once and for all!

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