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The Science Behind Itchy Insect Bites

It is universally agreed upon that virtually no one enjoys getting a mosquito bite. When a mosquito bites the result is an itchy bump or bumps that appear where the mosquito has punctured the skin in order to draw blood. Fortunately for those affected, the typical mosquito bite will usually clear up in just a few days. Conversely, there are cases where a mosquito bite can cause an allergic reaction that results in redness, soreness and swelling. This is more commonly seen in children who are more susceptible to these itchy bites.

Life-Threatening Disease

Perhaps most concerning of all is the fact that mosquitoes are known to carry a number of different types of viruses or parasites. These viruses or parasites can result in serious illness. In fact, mosquitoes that are infected do reside in many parts of the world and can quickly spread life-threatening disease. From malaria to yellow fever and other types of viruses such as the West Nile virus, mosquitoes are a real concern to public health. Ultimately, many of the viruses spread by mosquitoes result in serious brain infections or encephalitis.

Hard Reddish-Brown Bump

Symptoms associated with a bite include the development of a white or reddish bump that is puffy and itchy. In most instances this type of symptom will appear within just a few minutes of being bitten. There are also cases where a bite will result in an itchy, hard reddish-brown bump that appears up to a day or more after the initial bite. Some people also experience blisters rather than hard bumps. Even dark patches that look like bruises can develop once there has been a mosquito bite. More severe reactions include swollen lymph nodes, fever or hives.

Protein Rich Blood

It is important to note that any time there is a question with regard to a mosquito bite that results in adverse reactions it is essential to visit with a healthcare provider soon as possible. This is especially important when it comes to symptoms such as severe headache, fever, body aches or any sign of infection. As many people may not be aware, it is only the female mosquito that actually bites. This is due to the fact that the female is in search of protein rich blood that will help with the reproduction process and the production of eggs.

Passed Along To The Next Individual

Mosquitoes are attracted to their victims through the exhalation of carbon dioxide, body sent and even the chemicals in an individual’s sweat. As noted above, mosquitoes are a serious concern because of the diseases that they may carry. When a mosquito bites an infected individual the insect obtains the virus or parasite that is then passed along to the next individual that it bites. That is why it cannot be over emphasized how important it is to seek out medical attention anytime there is an adverse reaction to a mosquito related bite. Contact Mr. Mister Mosquito Control to learn more about affordable and effective mosquito control.


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