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DIY Mosquito Control Vs Professional Management

Let’s have a look at DIY mosquito control vs. professional mosquito management systems. Many people believe they can manage their mosquito problem themselves by cleaning out their yards and using commercially available personal mosquito deterrent sprays. You may have read all about DIY mosquito control, and believe that you have no need to take expert help to deal with the problem.

There are two aspects of the DIY approach that are worrying and both could lead to unnecessary problems. The first is that most people do not know how to clean out their yards, particularly their backyard, and the second is the assumption that a mosquito spray will prevent them and their family from being bitten. Let’s look at each of these in turn.

DIY Mosquito Control: Backyard Maintenance

Mosquito control begins in your yard, and the backyard is usually the most untidy. Mosquitoes can breed in even tiny areas of standing water. When clearing out their backyards, most people will follow the general instructions and remove any old cans, tires and any other containers such as bird baths and even check their pools. That’s good, because you are removing many of the more common places where mosquitoes breed.

However, you can’t remove them all. How about holes in trees – did you think of that? And do even know how to deal them and make them safe from mosquitoes without harming the tree? How about the bottom of fence posts, yard walls or even the base of the walls of your home? These can hold small volumes of water which is all that mosquitoes need to breed. Even on the ground beneath foliage and long grass. Mosquitoes not only breed there but tend to congregate at night.

Personal Mosquito Deterrent Sprays

Mosquito deterrent sprays work sometimes and sometimes they don’t. Do you honestly believe that with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of mosquitoes swarming in your yard that they will be deterred by a spray? Insect sprays can work, but they don’t last forever, and if you miss a part of your body then the darn mosquitoes will get to you – that is guaranteed. Mosquito sprays are a deterrent – not a solution, and you have to refresh the spray every time you leave your home!

Mr. Mister Mosquito Control

We know the problems that can be expected by those living close to rivers and swamps, and any other areas with slow-moving or standing water. We also understand the issues you can have with these insects in the city and close to parks, play areas and anywhere else children and families tend to congregate.

Sure, you can try it yourself, and you may have a degree of success – but only a degree. You need professional help if you want to maximize the level of protection needed to keep your home free of mosquitoes – including not only your yards, but also inside your home itself. Your home is not immune to mosquitoes that seem to like warm basements and conservatories.

So: Do It Yourself or Call in the Mosquito Management Experts?

It’s your choice! Like anything else, you can try it yourself and perhaps succeed, or call in the mosquito management experts and definitely succeed. When it comes to mosquitoes and the health of your family, then we won’t let down if you call and we will give you some free advice on our blog. However, if you want the job done correctly, then Mr. Mister has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a complete and affordable solution.

We know that you might want to do it yourself, but we can protect you and your family more effectively because we understand mosquitoes better, and we also know how to deal with them. DIY mosquito control might work for you, but professional mosquito management will work for you!

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