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Ways Of Protecting Your Home

Most would agree that there is absolutely nothing fun about mosquitoes and the damage that they cause. From spreading disease to causing itchy wounds, mosquitoes are pesky insects that most people would rather live without. Fortunately, there are some less known and uncommon ways of controlling mosquitoes that are worth considering. For example, one of the first steps in reducing mosquito populations is to simply eliminate any areas where these disease-carrying bugs typically breed.

Buckets And Birdbaths

This includes any objects around the home that are capable of holding as little as one tablespoon of water. When water in even the smallest amounts is able to sit stagnant for a week to 10 days, mosquito larvae can hatch. Everything from clogged gutters to old buckets and birdbaths as well as simple puddles of water can provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. One strategy that has proven to be quite effective is to check for standing water once there has been a rainfall. Look for areas where water may accumulate and then eliminate any accumulations of recent standing water.

Predator Type Fish

Some farmers have even suggested that having ducks, chickens and other similar types of small animals on-site can help to better control mosquito populations. Small lakes and ponds may be stocked with mosquito devouring fish like goldfish. This is another way to reduce the amount of mosquitoes present. There are many other types of predator type fish that are suitable in serving the same purpose. These are natural and nonintrusive ways of dealing with this pesky insect and all the problems that it presents.

Reducing Overall Populations

Generous amounts of mosquito eating fish can greatly affect mosquito populations. In addition, there are many other types of natural predators that routinely eat mosquitoes. This includes everything from ground beetles to frogs and dragonflies as well as snails. All these creatures tend to feast on mosquitoes thereby reducing overall populations. That is why it is perhaps so important to avoid doing anything that can harm other creatures such as noted here. This includes the spraying of harmful insecticides or laying traps.

Safer Environment For All Involved

Finally, there are a number of other animal species that are also aggressive mosquito hunters. Several types of bats are ferocious mosquito eaters. When natural methods such as those described here are used along with other innovative mosquito reducing techniques, the end result can be a far safer environment for all involved. From automatic mosquito misting control systems to regular mosquito control maintenance, taking a proactive approach to controlling this troublesome and dangerous insect simply make smart sense from a health perspective. Best of all, today’s modern mosquito control services are affordable and easy to schedule. Working with the right company can make all the difference when it comes to keeping family members and pets safe at all times.

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