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What makes Mr. Mister Mosquito Control distinct in Atlanta?

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Mr. Mister Mosquito Control is dedicated to excellent member service and to making sure that your home or business is mosquito-free and safe from diseases that pesky bugs spread.  Here are a few reasons to we stand out as a distinct company serving the greater Atlanta community:

  • Recently voted one of Kudzu’s Best of Atlanta, we focus on our members and their desire to safely enjoy the outdoors.
  • We are open 7 days a week and guarantee a 24-hour response time.
  • All of our systems come with a lifetime warranty for the system and its parts, so you never have to worry about being on the hook if there are issues with the system.
  • Our team is staffed with highly trained professionals. Mr. Mister employees on staff, not subcontractors, that will personally install and maintain your system.
  • The owner is always available if you need him.
  • We do bi-weekly training for our mosquito control technicians so when we say they are knowledgeable and highly trained, we mean it.
  • Our team delivers fast service, free re-treats if needed and any other support we can provide.
  • Plus, every employee is dedicated to outdoor lifestyle safety and has taken the NO TEXT and DRIVE Pledge.
  • And finally, all our techs are CPR certified.

Mosquito control is all we do, so you know that our focus is always on creating a safe place for those you are protecting.

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