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Why Install An Automatic Mosquito Control System In Your Yard

It’s no secret that enjoying the great outdoors in Atlanta requires some level of insect defense.

With that said, on-skin bug spray has historically been the most popular choice to fend off annoying insects.

However, if you are looking for mosquito control for large areas (like your yard), this style of spray won’t cut it.

Luckily, with Mr. Mister’s automatic mosquito control systems, you have the perfect answer to eliminate insects from large areas in a discreet and easy-to-use way.

Here are just a few reasons why our automatic mosquito misting systems are better than traditional, alternative, insect repellents:

Eliminating Your Lotions And Sprays

Traditionally, enjoying the outdoors in Atlanta, while avoiding insects meant you had to consistently apply lotions or sprays directly to your skin or clothes.

Unfortunately, regularly purchasing these applicants adds up, and many of the most effective options contain harmful chemicals that are not healthy to apply to your skin.

Automatic Mosquito Control System

By having an automatic mosquito misting system installed, you have the perfect solution to all of these issues.

By automatically spraying your yard, instead of yourself, you can kiss the days of spreading unwanted chemicals on your skin goodbye.

That equates to healthier skin and cleaner clothes while still eliminating these pesky disease-carrying insects from your yard.

Biodegradable Mosquito Misting Spray That Is Odorless And Easy to Use

Many people have already tried to eliminate insect sprays from their lives because they know how harmful those chemicals can be to your skin.

Instead, these same people have opted to light citronella candles or tiki torches in hopes that these will eliminate mosquitos from their yard.

Unfortunately, such techniques are only

Unfortunately, such techniques are only effective for the immediate vicinity and are often accompanied by an unwelcome smell.

The misting spray emitted from our automatic mosquito control systems is not only odorless but, once installed, it is incredibly easy to use.

Simply set the time you want your yard to be protected and let the system do the rest.

Without having to mess with candles, lighters, or smelly torches you can trust our automatic systems are quietly doing their job as you continue to enjoy your time outside.

Mr. Mister Eliminates Without Deterring

Perhaps the best feature of our automatic mosquito control systems is that this technology is designed to eliminate these insects from your yard completely.

When you put on bug spray or light a citronella candle, the mosquitos don’t go anywhere.

They will continue to buzz around and annoy, waiting for the moment when your spray wears off or your candle goes out.

With Mr. Mister’s mosquito misting spray for a large area, the spraying technology will completely eliminate these insects from your yard.

You will immediately notice a decline in mosquitos and, after a few days of regularly scheduled sprays, your yard will be transformed into a

You will immediately notice a decline in mosquitos and, after a few days of regularly scheduled sprays, your yard will be transformed into a bug-free paradise!

Sick of sprays, candles, zappers, and their lack of results?

Automatic Mosquito Control System

Mr. Mister’s automatic mosquito control systems has your answer.

Contact us today to learn more and see how we can help you create a mosquito-free zone in your yard this summer!


Enjoying the outdoors in Atlanta doesn’t have to involve constant on-skin bug spray applications. Mr. Mister’s automatic mosquito control systems offer a superior solution for large areas, ensuring a mosquito-free yard without the hassle of traditional repellents. From eliminating lotions and sprays to providing odorless and easy-to-use biodegradable misting spray, our systems stand out in creating a healthier and more pleasant outdoor experience. Say goodbye to chemical-laden applications and welcome a bug-free paradise with Mr. Mister’s innovative mosquito control technology.


How do Mr. Mister’s automatic mosquito control systems work?

Our systems automatically spray a biodegradable, odorless mist, effectively eliminating mosquitoes from your yard.

Are the misting sprays harmful to skin or clothing?

No, the misting spray is designed to be biodegradable and is safe for both skin and clothing.

How does the system compare to traditional bug sprays or citronella candles?

Unlike bug sprays and candles that only provide temporary relief, our automatic systems are designed to completely eliminate mosquitoes from your yard.

Is the misting spray easy to use?

Yes, simply set the desired protection time, and the system will take care of the rest, without the need for candles, lighters, or smelly torches.

How long does it take to see results with Mr. Mister’s mosquito control systems?

You’ll notice a decline in mosquitoes immediately, and after a few days of regular sprays, your yard will become a bug-free paradise.

Can the automatic mosquito control system be customized for specific schedules?

Yes, Mr. Mister’s systems are highly customizable, allowing you to set specific times for mosquito protection that align with your outdoor activities.

Are there any environmental benefits to using Mr. Mister’s mosquito control technology?

Absolutely, our misting spray is biodegradable, minimizing environmental impact while effectively eliminating mosquitoes.

Is the misting spray safe for pets and plants?

Yes, the biodegradable formula is pet-friendly and does not harm plants, providing a safe and effective solution for mosquito control in your yard.

How long does a single misting treatment last?

The duration of mosquito protection varies based on factors such as weather conditions and mosquito activity, but our systems are designed for regular and automated application to maintain effectiveness.

Can Mr. Mister’s mosquito control systems be used in all seasons?

Yes, our systems are designed to provide year-round mosquito control, ensuring a comfortable and mosquito-free outdoor experience regardless of the season.

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