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Mosquito Tips: Areas Where Mosquitoes Love To Hide

With all the nasty diseases they spread, it’s safe to say that mosquitoes are not our friends. While the saying “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” might apply to many of our human on human relationships, it certainly doesn’t apply to mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep tabs on an enemy you can barely see. So, you need to get smart and think strategically. Where does the enemy like to hide? And what can be done to help eradicate aforementioned enemy?

Say no more. Here are the most common spots that mosquitoes live, rest, breed, and hide in.

Trees & Shrubs

When they’re not actively hunting for prey, mosquitoes prefer to escape harsh sunlight and wind, opting for areas that provide shade and humidity.

Deep shubbery and foliage give mosquitoes a dark, humid environment to chill out in. If you have a mosquito problem on your property, we’d bet that you’ll find a few hanging out on the underside of foliage leaves, either eating the plant nectar for nutrition or waiting for a good moment to fly over and eat you instead.

Mosquito Tips

Tall Grasses

Again, tall grass gives mosquitoes a moist and shady place to hide.

Make sure you mow your lawn regularly and trim any tall grass around walkways, pools, or ponds to help reduce mosquito populations around your property.

Under Decks

Along with spiders, springtails, fleas, and (god forbid) termites, mosquitoes like to make like yachtsmen and hang out below deck.

The space beneath your deck can provide an ideal mosquito breeding habitat. Check if any puddles have formed, and if so, drain them and fill with sand instead. This will help prevent standing water from accumulating, giving mosquitoes one less place to lay their eggs.

A professional mosquito control service will focus on treating areas like trees, shrubs, tall grasses, and under decks, so you can create a barrier between your property and incoming mosquitoes.

Gutters & Eavestroughs

We know… cleaning the gutters is a ‘tomorrow job’.

A long neglected chore, clogged gutters aren’t just bad for water damage. Gutters full of debris give mosquitoes an ideal place to hide, and standing water gives them an ideal place to breed and create even more little enemies.

We know it’s not your favorite job, but if you want to be less itchy this Summer, get in the habit of cleaning out your gutters.

Ponds & Puddles

Hopefully we’ve drilled this into your head by now; mosquitoes breed in standing water.

While ornamental ponds might look pretty, they’re the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. We’re not here to kill your dreams, though; you can totally have a nice, calming pond in your yard with the right upkeep.

Since mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in still water, puddles are a trouble spot, too. Remember to regularly remove or drain any standing water around your property, including puddles after a heavy bout of rain.

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In summary, mosquitoes can be a nuisance and health risk, hiding in common areas like trees, tall grasses, under decks, clogged gutters, and standing water. Effective mosquito control involves strategic measures such as regular lawn maintenance, gutter cleaning, and addressing standing water.


Where do mosquitoes hide?

Mosquitoes often hide in trees, tall grasses, the space under decks, and clogged gutters. They thrive in areas with shade and humidity.

Mosquito Tips

How can I reduce mosquito populations around my property?

Regular lawn maintenance, trimming tall grasses, cleaning gutters, and eliminating standing water are key steps in reducing mosquito habitats.

Why is standing water a concern?

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so removing or draining puddles and maintaining ornamental ponds helps disrupt their reproductive cycle.

What role do professional mosquito control services play?

Services like Mr. Mister Atlanta focus on treating common mosquito hideouts, creating a protective barrier to minimize mosquito-related issues on your property.

Is it essential to clean gutters for mosquito control?

Yes, clogged gutters provide ideal hiding spots for mosquitoes, and standing water in them becomes a breeding ground. Regular gutter cleaning is crucial.

How can I enjoy a mosquito-free environment in summer?

Invest in preventative measures, such as professional mosquito control services, and be proactive in eliminating potential mosquito habitats on your property.

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