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Why Controlling Mosquitoes is Essential

Mosquitoes can seem like nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Of course, if you’re suffering from multiple bites, it might not seem so minor. But controlling mosquitoes is essential for many reasons. The more you know, the more you will see why it is not just preferable; it is essential. We’ll explain why you cannot simply brush off a mosquito bite as a temporary nuisance. It can be anything but!

Why Controlling Mosquitoes [infographic]

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Most people don’t think of mosquitoes as killers. But mosquitoes kill more people each year than any other animal. With over 700,000 victims each year, they are the world’s most prolific killers. There are around 175 different species of mosquito in the USA alone. Of these, Georgia is home to over 60 species. And as we are sure you know, it has its fair share of mosquitoes. Not all species of mosquito are dangerous. But without being an expert, how can you tell which ones are in your yard? Our city is generally considered one of the most mosquito-infested major cities in the US. And when it comes to protecting yourself, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

The most common mosquito threat to Atlantans is West Nile virus. Although it may not be as severe as other mosquito-borne diseases, it can still be dangerous. Most infections pass with little or no symptoms. But in some cases, an infection can lead to the dangerous neuroinvasive form of West Nile virus. This is particularly true for people over 75. Your chances of developing severe symptoms are small. But is that really a gamble you want to take?

Other common diseases include Chikungunya, which can cause fever and pain in the muscles and joints. LaCrosse virus, like West Nile, can lead to encephalitis – a potentially fatal brain infection.

Environmental Problems with Mosquitoes

Each of these viruses can be very dangerous, particularly to young children and the elderly. However, it’s not just diseases that make controlling mosquitoes is so important. They also threaten your way of life. They curtail your enjoyment of the summer months and may even force you inside. We meet people all the time who say they have just stopped using their backyards. And the threat continues for many months. Mosquitoes are active until well into October. You must take proactive steps to get rid of them—they won’t just go away by themselves.

Have you ever organized a party or barbeque in your yard, only to have it ruined by mosquitoes? Have swarming mosquitoes made you so uncomfortable that you and your guests were forced indoors? And mosquitoes don’t just affect your yard. They also attack you when you are hunting, playing tennis, or working outdoors. The carbon dioxide in your breathe attracts mosquitoes, as do the chemicals in your sweat. They follow these scents until they detect your body warmth, and then they hone in and attack you.

The Sensible Way of Controlling Mosquitoes

There seems to be nothing you can do unless you dress like a beekeeper. Slapping the ones that land on you hardly reduces the mosquito population. And they don’t seem to be dissuaded by smoke and some of the other repellents on the market. There is only one effective way of controlling mosquitoes in your yard—professional mosquito control.

First, you need to know about their environment. Identify where mosquitoes hang out when not active and also where they breed. Then you can tackle them when and where they are most vulnerable. The species usually rest at night and during the day. They are most active in the early morning and late afternoon/dusk. However, it is not uncommon to see mosquitoes all day and all night, though not in as large numbers as when they are most active.

Mosquitoes hang out in dark, moist places, such underneath leaves of bushes. They also hide in long grass, downspouts, and drains. They breed in standing water such as in old tires, pails, or any trash in your yard. Birdbaths, kiddie pools, and other containers also make great breeding grounds. Keep fish in a pond will mostly clear the pond of mosquitoes larvae, which the fish eat. But attracting bats and birds does not have very much effect on populations.

To control mosquitoes, you first have to attack their habitats. But that’s only half the story. You will never be able to destroy every mosquito habitat in your yard. You also need to kill off the mosquitoes that remain in your yard.

Mosquito Misting Control Systems

Mr. Mister mosquito misting systems will protect your outdoor areas from mosquito attacks. We offer two options:

  1. The Mr. Mister Mosquito ControlTM system maintains a mosquito-free perimeter around your home using a fine mist applied automatically. An installed system, similar to a sprinkler system, automatically sprays a fine mist at times when mosquitoes are most active.
  2. With The ClearZoneTM misting system, we spray the underside of foliage in your yard every 21 days. This controls mosquitoes where they rest. This service also includes treatment of areas of standing water where mosquitoes breed. We treat standing water and remove debris that could collect water to control the pests where they reproduce and rest when inactive.

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