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Mosquito Free Garden Party

If you live in the State of Georgia or any of the southern states most affected by mosquitoes, you’re familiar with the struggle. You plan a perfect outdoor get-together, only to have your fun overtaken by the annoying swarms of mosquitoes. But a mosquito misting system can help turn your garden party into a smashing success.

Nothing can ruin a backyard party or garden barbecue more than these flying needles. They hone in on you, then attack with devastating results. Pain, swelling, and even fever are just some of the less severe effects of a bite. However, in some cases, an infected mosquito can pass on pathogens that lead to much more severe illnesses.

Mosquitoes do not sting you like a wasp. Instead, female mosquitoes—the only ones that bite—are looking for a blood meal. They are attracted at first by your breath. A mosquito can detect the carbon dioxide you exhale from 75 feet away. Once they get closer, they home in on your body heat. When they land, they immediately penetrate your skin with an extension of their mouthpiece called a proboscis. This is a flexible tube that opens into several parts, each of which can burrow into your skin and hunt for the nearest vein.

When it finds a vein, it inserts a tube and injects saliva containing a substance that reduces clotting and prevents the puncture from closing. The mosquito then sucks your blood until it is full—or it gets smashed. While doing this, it may also inject parasites and viruses that can seriously harm you. These include West Nile disease, meningitis, and, particularly in Georgia, the Lacrosse virus, which leads to encephalitis, a disease of the brain. And there are many other parasites and diseases its bite can transfer.

Some garden party, eh?

How do you overcome these problems so that you and your neighbors can enjoy a party in your yard? A mosquito misting service or automated system from Mr. Mister is the ideal solution to control mosquitoes.

ClearZone™ Treatments

Mr. Mister offers the ClearZone™ mosquito spray system to control both adult mosquitoes and larvae. It provides you with a mosquito no-fly zone for three weeks before the spray needs to be reapplied. The spray covers the underside of leaves and other dark, moist areas that mosquitoes use to hide.

With the protection of a ClearZone™ misting treatment, you can look forward to a fabulous get-together with family, friends, and neighbors completely free of mosquitoes. The mosquito no-fly zone is active for 21 days. After that, Mr. Mister will come back and respray your foliage and grass to maintain your barrier.

How We Provide A Safe Haven

The Mr. Mister Mosquito Control™ automated misting system is another way to protect your property. An automatic misting system works like a built-in sprinkler system in your lawn. It releases a fine mist around your property’s perimeter when mosquitoes are most active: at dawn and dusk. It eradicates mosquitoes, whether they are resting or active. And it prevents them from reproducing.

You can create a haven from mosquitoes for everybody—even your pets—during your yard or garden party. You can safely cook your burgers, ribs, and chicken without being distracted by bites that could even lead to a hospital visit. Whatever your situation, we have a solution designed specifically for you.



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Call us for a free consultation, and we will survey your garden, yard, and other areas around your home. Then we can make a recommendation designed just for you. This evaluation is free, and you’re not obligated to accept our solution to your mosquito problem.

Should you choose Mr. Mister, the ClearZone™ mosquito spray system will protect you, your loved ones, and your neighbors from bites on your property. Alternatively, our automated mosquito misting system can establish a permanent mosquito barrier.

Don’t take the chance of dangerous bites! Enjoy your garden party and use our mosquito misting systems to eradicate your problem.

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