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Natural Mosquito Protection

A natural mosquito control system uses a plant-based chemical mosquito barrier to prevent these insects from entering your yard and the boundaries of your home. Many think wasp stings are bad, and they are. But although wasp bites can be painful, they pale in comparison to the nasties that mosquitoes can do. Mosquito viruses in the USA affect humans and other animals, including dogs and cats.

One of the more serious conditions that mosquitoes can transmit is encephalitis, a disease of the brain. At least seven mosquito viruses transmit encephalitis in the USA: the West Nile virus, LaCrosse, dengue, yellow fever, St. Louis, and western and eastern encephalitis viruses. Another, the Chikungunya virus, causes very severe joint pain, and heartworms can kill dogs. So be grateful if all a mosquito leaves you with is an itchy welt. While these diseases are uncommon in the US, they are not unheard of. And if you end up with one, it could be life-changing.

What is a Natural Mosquito Control System?
There are several natural plants that, when crushed, release substances that repel mosquitoes. Here are a few:

  • Lemon Balm: contains citronellal, geranial, and geraniol, each of which repels mosquitoes.
  • Catnip: contains nepetalactone, another essential oil that mosquitoes avoid.
  • Rose-scented geranium: contains citronellal and geraniol.
  • Basil and lemongrass also repel mosquitoes for a short time when rubbed on the skin.

Another substance that acts as a mosquito barrier is pyrethrum, which is obtained from chrysanthemum seeds. Not only is it safe for use close to humans and other animal species, but it is very effective at killing mosquitoes and other flying pests. You can use it in your kitchen, your barbecue area, and restaurants. It is biodegradable and naturally degraded by sunlight over about three weeks, so it is non-persistent in the environment.

Mr. Mister uses a synthetic form of pyrethrum called a pyrethroid as the basis of a genuinely natural mosquito control system. We offer two types of applications. The first option is a traditional sprayed-on solution that we apply every 21 days during mosquito season. It is effective immediately and safe for people and pets. The other option is an installed mosquito misting system.
Mosquito Misting System
A mosquito misting system generally consists of a series of nozzles set around your home’s perimeter to create a mosquito barrier. It is fed from a central tank or individual containers of our mosquito control solution. The system is programmed to spray a fine mist of the natural mosquito control insecticide around your property when mosquitoes are most active. The best times to spray are typically early morning, dusk, and early evening.

A mosquito misting system such as this establishes a mosquito barrier around your home and also destroys insects already on your property. When the mosquitoes settle down to rest, they will find a toxic (for mosquitoes) environment with fatal results. This natural mosquito control system is based upon pyrethroids, and it is safe for you to go about your daily activities after misting.

The Mr. Mister natural mosquito control system is safe for you to use around a family garden or yard. It will provide an effective mosquito barrier to new insects and make sure that existing ones are eradicated. Contact us here for further information on how to set up a natural mosquito control system in your yard.

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