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Mosquito Facts & Tips

The Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and Chikungunya are a few examples of mosquito-transmitted diseases on the rise in the US. As the spring and summer months approach and the climate becomes more favorable for mosquito breeding, it is as good a time as any to get your hands on a reliable and effective treatment service.  It’s important to know about mosquito facts and tips.

According to USA Today, Atlanta recently topped the list for cities with mosquito treatment services. This is not surprising as the city is located in a state which typically experiences humid summers and moderate rainfall, at the very least. While the mosquito problem in Atlanta can be owed largely to the existing humid subtropical climate, the increase in temperatures globally is also expected to contribute to the problem.

Mosquito Population in Atlanta

The state of Georgia is home to over 50 species of mosquitoes, according to the Georgia Mosquito Control Association. These include the Anopheles specie – which carries and transmits malaria – and the Aedes aegypti, also known as the Asian tiger mosquito or the Yellow fever mosquito, which transmits the deadly serious arboviral disease, Dengue. This specie is easily recognizable because of the white markings on its legs. The Yellow Fever mosquito also transmits Chikungunya and is one of the most widely spread species.

These species thrive in damp, dark places, especially near bodies of water. This means the plant pots in your kitchen garden or the pond near your home, or even a garbage heap lying nearby, are all potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Even seemingly harmless objects like a birdbath or a moist childrenís pool are enough to breed a horde of mosquitoes in just a couple of days. And due to climate change, the time taken for the egg to mature into an adult mosquito is gradually, but worryingly, decreasing. Many species have also adapted to undergo this process in as little as four days.

Since mosquito populations are sure to increase in the near future, the logical and immediate reaction should be to suppress the growth by initiating thorough cleaning of neighborhoods across Atlanta and encouraging the use of mosquito repellents and installation of treatments systems.

Prevention of Diseases

The most effective method of limiting the spread of disease so far is the control and elimination of mosquito populations. Diseases like Malaria, transmitted by species common in Atlanta, have claimed the lives of over half a million children in 2012 alone and become life-threatening as they disrupt blood supply to vital organs. The World Health Organization has listed indoor residual spraying of insecticide and repellent as a primary course of action to deal with Malaria.

Mr.Mister’s mosquito control system provides users with a custom misting setting which ensures that all bases around your house and garden are covered which makes sure that mosquitoes hiding in foliage or under leaves as well as eggs and larvae, are taken care of.

In order to prevent disease, it is also equally important to take simple measures like making sure all cracks in doors and windows are sealed so mosquitoes are not attracted inside the house, as well as not leaving uncovered containers of water around the house. In the case of Chikungunya, sanitation is an equally important measure to prevent the breeding of the Asian tiger mosquito.


Your Pets and Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes seek out a variety of hosts, which includes reptiles, birds and mammals. Dirofilaria immitis, or the dog heart-worm is a life threatening disease for canines and is caused by a roundworm which can easily be transmitted to dogs, cats, raccoons etc by a mosquito bite. Once infected, there is no way of eliminating the infection and there is some level of risk when treating dogs with heart-worms. Cases for this disease used to be restricted to the east-coast and southern regions in the US up till the 1960ís but now there have been reports of cases in all fifty states.

It is not only increasingly important to get a mosquito treatment system, but also economical as the only way to control the infection in canines is to continually invest in injections and pills. Installing a reliable system is a sure means of ending the threat of such diseases occurring in the first place.


It need not be stressed how important it is to protect oneself and oneís family from these diseases and it is always better to prevent than to cure. Especially with cases of the Zika virus starting to move into the US and creating a ripple of fear, it is advisable to eliminate mosquitoes that could now possibly be carrying this virus. A fully biodegradable solution from Mr. Mister can help solve bug problems without any damage to the environment or triggering allergic reactions.

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