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Mosquito Activity and When Mosquitoes Are Inactive

We all know that there is a mosquito season. During the heart of summer, it seems like those buzzing pests are everywhere. But we also know that things can be very different during the winter. So when exactly are mosquitoes inactive? Can you stop worrying about them over the winter months? The answer is that mosquito activity can be variable, depending on weather conditions. Weather is a very significant factor, and while mosquito activity dies down in the fall, it may not disappear entirely during the winter months. The colder the fall and winter, the fewer mosquitoes you can expect, although activity varies according to the species.

Mosquito Activity Through the Seasons

Mosquito season is at its peak during summer and drops as summer proceeds into fall. The warmer the weather, the faster mosquitoes breed, and the quicker they go through their life cycle. As the temperature begins to fall, mosquito activity drops off mostly because their breeding rate is insufficient to match their death rate. However, mosquito activity may taper off for a number of reasons. Natural predators, mosquito control systems, and natural lifecycles are the primary causes.

You will likely find yourself being bitten less toward the end of summer and beginning of fall, followed by almost no mosquito activity at all until early spring. But not always! Once the average temperature drops below 50ºF, mosquito activity drops off quickly. However, on a warm day in late fall or early winter, mosquitoes can re-emerge to bite you.

Some mosquito species go into a form of hibernation in winter known as diapause. This is a state of dormancy initiated by cold weather and concluding when the temperature returns to 50º or more, give or take a few degrees according to the species. That’s why you can get an occasional bite on a warm day in the fall or early/late winter as mosquitoes suddenly become active again. In the South, where winter temperatures can be unpredictable, it’s not even unheard of to hear that buzz during the holiday season! Check out our blog post “Where Do Mosquitoes Hide” for more information.

Mosquito Activity and When Mosquitoes Are Inactive [infographic]

Mosquitoes Never Go Away

They certainly don’t! In addition to the hiding spots mentioned in the post above, there may still be active mosquitoes in warm spaces beneath your home, particularly if there is standing water or leaking water pipes. You should also check around your home and your yard for any standing water that could host mosquito eggs over the winter. Many species lay eggs that can remain dormant over winter and suddenly hatch and emerge as larvae in late winter to early spring, depending on temperatures. With eggs already in place, it’s a matter of only a few days of warmer weather before you hear that buzz again and start getting bites.

It is crucial that you check around your home, including your back and front yards and any ponds or pools you might have, to make sure they are not hosting dormant mosquitoes or their eggs. If you have fish in your ponds, they will probably take care of the issue for you. If not, you can treat the water with an insecticide now to reduce the chances of mosquito bites in early spring.

However, come mid-to-late spring, it is wise to get a professional to take care of the problem for you. Mosquito activity can make your life a misery for much of the year, and it’s hard to beat with prevention alone. Mr. Mister can help you control mosquitoes in the areas around your home.

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