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Make Your Yard A Mosquito-Free Zone

Mosquitoes are found all over the world. Scientists have identified more than 3,500 species to date, but there may be even more. These small creatures might seem harmless, but some of them are capable of spreading fatal diseases among people and animals. That is why it is absolutely crucial to keep them at a distance. Out of hundreds of suggested remedies and ways to control mosquitoes, there are only a few that actually work. If you are looking for ways to create a mosquito-free zone in your home or yard, this post is for you.

Make Your Yard A Mosquito-Free Zone [infographic]

Mosquitoes as Party Poopers

Nothing is more annoying than mosquitoes buzzing around during a family barbecue in the yard. Nothing, that is, besides the itchy bite you get when a mosquito picks you as their next blood meal. Mosquitoes are like uninvited party crashers who come to kill the vibe of a great get-together with family or friends. During your free time in the summer, when you want to lay in the hammock in your yard, they come after you, thirsty for your blood. Like most Atlantans, you probably just wish you could get rid of them forever. Luckily, Mr. Mister can help turn your yard into a mosquito-free zone.

Mosquitoes as Vectors of Viruses and Diseases

The brutal bite of a mosquito can make you want to scratch your skin till it comes off. But a mosquito bit is also capable of infecting you with any of a number of diseases. Mosquitoes are vectors for several harmful diseases. So it is no surprise that they can cause serious physical, mental, and sentimental problems. Dengue and the Zika Virus are two mosquito-transmitted diseases that have raised serious health threats throughout the world. Some of these diseases don’t even have proper treatment or vaccination. Therefore, the only remedy left to humans is to create a mosquito-free zone. If you have zero mosquitoes, you have zero chance of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses.

Tips and Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

If you have tried to kill mosquitoes with spray, repellents, liquids, mats, and even with the clap of your hands, you are not alone. Some of these methods are helpful, but others give you only temporary relief or none at all. Here are some tried and true methods of targeting mosquitoes to create a mosquito-free zone around your home.

Standing Water

First things first: limit the breeding habitats of mosquitoes. As you know, mosquitoes need water to breed. That is why a messy yard quickly becomes their favorite breeding spot. Be extra careful, and keep an eye out for standing water. Slow-moving or stagnant water is necessary to host mosquito eggs and larvae. So you need to eliminate standing water to nip the problem in the bud. Make sure to clean the leaves that litter your yard. Even a small amount of dew stored in these piles can help mosquitoes lay their eggs. Then it is only a matter of time before you have a fresh batch of biting mosquitoes. So make sure your yard is free from this mess.

Never feel shy to call the plumber whenever your house needs a quick fix. Clogged drainage pipes and gutters are also home to mosquitoes. So make sure they are fixed and running. If you reside in a region with abundant rainfall—like Atlanta in the summer—make sure your yard is cleaned and dried within a day after it rains.


Spray your yard with insecticides now and then for a mosquito-free zone. Or, better yet, let Mr. Mister spray for you! Professional mosquito spraying is an easy way to keep mosquitoes out of your garden or lawn. It’s best to hire professionals because insecticide sprays can have a damaging effect if misused.

Extra Measures

Put screens on your windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. You can also make use of personal mosquito repellent during your outdoor time. Such repellents usually last for a few hours, so this could be an add-on to your action plan of mosquito control. Of course, if you create a mosquito-free zone with Mr. Mister, you shouldn’t need repellent.

Conclusion: Mosquito Control for a Mosquito-Free Yard

Mosquitoes are active vectors of various diseases, and they are commonly found in yards. Over time, scientists and engineers have come up with dozens of attempts at mosquito control. But not all efforts have been successful. Mr. Mister mosquito misting service is an effective mosquito control system that forms a protective layer around your yard for a mosquito-free zone. The fine mist that the system comes with is 100% biodegradable and safe for people and pets. Mr. Mister guarantees a safe and secure yard through its manual and automatic mosquito control systems. It is a reliable go-for option to make your yard a mosquito-free zone.

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